Cheapotle Tacos

This is the thriftiest Chipotle hack I've ever thought of:

  1. Go to Chipotle and buy a burrito bowl. Get all the ingredients you like so it's nice and full.[1]
  2. Take that bowl home and use it to make tacos. Keep your preferred taco shells/tortillas on hand for this purpose. I buy taco-sized flour tortillas for about a dollar.
  3. You now have two meals for the price of one! You can even get three meals out of that one bowl, if you have an extra can of beans and maybe your favorite hot sauce[2] and/or some leftover rice to add to the mix.

Chipotle burrito bowl photo by Michael Saechang

  1. Try to maximize your order to get the most bang for your buck, because a lot of the ingredients don't cost extra. You can get all the salsas and fajita veggies on top of your rice, beans, and either chicken or sofritas—plus lettuce, cheese, and sour cream—for $6.85 plus tax (so like $7.50 total). Also, if you don't really want meat or sofritas (or you already have a good protein option at home), you can opt for the veggie bowl, and you'll get free guac! ↩︎

  2. I like Valentina. It's smoky-spicy and is 99 cents for 12.5 oz at my local Mexican grocery. ↩︎