DIY Faux "Rattan" Mirror

Materials and Tools

  • round unframed mirror (mine is 14 inches in diameter, found in the candle section at the craft store)
  • spool of twisted kraft paper, natural/brown color
  • raffia
  • narrow twisted seagrass rope (optional)
  • generous supply of glue sticks
  • hot glue gun
  • tacky craft glue
  • scissors
  • large Command picture hanging strips x 2

DIY rattan mirror materials and tools (mirror not pictured)


To Make the Inner Frame

  1. Hot glue twisted kraft paper all the way around the edge of your mirror on its top surface (where the bezel is, or would be) and trim to fit its circumference. Keep the glue edges tidy and hidden as much as possible.
  2. Starting at the same point on the mirror so the gap between the cut ends of the kraft paper is in the same spot as it is on the first ring, hot glue a second ring of kraft paper to the outer edge of the mirror (outside the first one).[1]
  3. On the top surface of the mirror and inside the first two, continue adding rings of kraft paper to fill in gaps between rings and widen the frame until you like how it looks.[2]
  4. (Optional) On top of the kraft paper rings, hot glue a ring of seagrass rope for some added texture.

To Make the Loops[3]

  1. To make the loops, cut a length of kraft paper twist and hot glue one end on either side of the gap in the inner frame. I glued my ends about 2.25 inches apart and used one 17-inch length of kraft paper to make each loop, but you can play with the spacing, length, and shape of the loops until you get the look you like.
  2. Cut another piece of kraft twist to the same length as the first loop and glue it right next to that one. Copying the spacing of the ends from the first loop, hot glue the other end to the outside of the inner frame.
  3. Repeat all the way around the mirror.
  4. (Optional) Hot glue a short segment of kraft paper twist to the inner frame between the ends of each loop.

To Finish

  1. Using tacky glue, affix short strips of raffia over the inner frame to cover the gap between the cut ends of the kraft paper rings (and seagrass, if using). You can also use raffia to cover any conspicuous bits of glue that are still visible, as I did around the inside edge of the frame.
  2. Use raffia to tie adjacent loops together in two places with the knots in the back, keeping their spacing and distance from the inner frame the same all the way around the mirror. You can use tacky glue to secure the knots if they seem to need reinforcement.
  3. If the loops ripple or don't quite lie flat around the mirror, hot glue shorter lengths of kraft paper to the backside for extra support (you can see them in the closeup below, but not from the front of the mirror).

closeup of loop supports

  1. Use two large Command picture hanging strips to hang your new statement mirror!

completed faux rattan statement mirror in my entryway

  1. Be careful not to glue your mirror to your work surface when you do this step! I set my mirror on a box to elevate it a little and prevent this from happening. ↩︎

  2. I added three rings to the surface of the mirror and a fourth one on top of those toward the outer edge, to give it some more visual heft and cover up some messy glue in the gap between the first and second rings. ↩︎

  3. If you prefer a minimal look, you could skip the loops (steps 5–8 and 10–11) and just use the inner frame. ↩︎