DIY Upcycled Cutting Board Rack

Here's how to make your own upcycled cutting board rack or compact dish rack:


  • wooden Chinese checker game board with cylinder-shaped half-drilled holes (I found mine at my local creative reuse store)[1]
  • one hardwood dowel rod (mine cost less than $2 at Home Depot)
  • saw
  • sandpaper or sanding block
  • wood glue (optional, for added sturdiness)
  • paint (optional, if you want to change the color of the rack)

empty cutting board rack


  1. Take your Chinese checker game board to a hardware store and buy a hardwood dowel rod of a diameter that fits snugly into the holes.
  2. Saw the dowel rod into several pieces that are each a few inches long. I opted to use pairs of varying heights because I have cutting boards of different sizes, and the larger ones stay up better with taller dowels.
  3. Sand the ends of the dowel rods so they are smooth (don't skip this step! splinters suck).
  4. Insert the dowel rods into the holes. Adjust their positions as needed to support your dishes or cutting boards.
  5. If you like, glue the rods in place to secure them and paint the rack to coordinate with your decor. I chose not to do either of these things because I wanted my rack to be adjustable.

You could also use this rack in a cupboard to organize sheet pans and the like.

  1. If you can't find an inexpensive Chinese checker board, you can take a similar piece of wood (about half an inch thick, and probably about a foot square, depending on the space you want it to occupy) and drill holes wherever you want to put supports. ↩︎