DIY Water Tracking Bottle

I loved this idea, but I really didn't need to spend money on another water bottle, so I made my own!

This DIY water intake tracking system uses the bottle I already had and a rainbow of plain old rubber bands I'm repurposing. The wider ones work best because they don't roll off the bottle so easily. When you buy produce like asparagus or broccoli, the bunches are often held together with wide, coloful rubber bands like these. Save them to make your own rainbow water tracking bottle!

When I finish my water and refill the bottle, I move one band up to the top to keep track of my intake and remind myself to keep drinking water. My goal is to "drink the rainbow" every day! I find that this system works much better than using a water intake tracking app because it's so quick and feels more satisfying to physically move the bands up throughout the day.